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Here are some frequently asked questions by our customers. Have some more? Ask away on the contact page. Cheers!

Do you provide photo booth set up?

Yes, we arrive 1 hour prior to your event to set up the photo booth perfectly for you. Of course there is no charge for set up!

Are the booths self operated?

Our photo booths are all operated on site by professional attendants with real world photography experience who value providing great service to our customers. They are there to answer any questions you may have about the service.

How does your service differ from others?

We value affordability and efficiency within our services. Our rates are unbeatable and we use high quality gear to provide the best photo booth rental service in Los Angeles. Typical Photo Booth services use iPads and low quality cameras to capture your events - we use top tier DSLR's to achieve headshot quality.

How much do you charge for an additional hour?

Our max rental period is 5 hours. Any additional rental time will be charged at 99$/hr. 

Do you serve events that require insurance?

Are rental deposits refundable?

Currently we serve events that require insurance on a booking basis. Meaning if an event needs coverage, we will require payment for a day pass specific to events. Event insurance for our booth starts at 49$.

Rental deposits for reservations are not refundable. These are set in place in order to reserve your time and date accordingly. In the case an event is cancelled by it's host, we are still compensated for setting aside your requested time per rental date.

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